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Faculty Biography For:

Preethi Gunaratne
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Cornell University

Biology and Biochemistry Department
University of Houston
Houston, Texas 77204-5001

Office: SERC 4028
Phone: (713) 743-2686

Our primary research interests are directed at understanding the role of microRNAs in regulating the transcriptome and epigenome of cancer cells and stem cells with the long term goal of identifying microRNA-gene pairs that are most critical for driving biology and disease. MicroRNAs are recently discovered, small 22 nucleotide transcripts that play a critical role in silencing patterns of gene expression. A single microRNA can silence literally hundreds of genes across diverse signaling pathways. Therefore individual microRNAs have exceptional biologic power to potentially influence gene networks that drive specific cellular contexts, biological processes and disease genomes. The advent of high throughput genetic technologies has unleashed an unparalleled wealth of insight into human biology and disease. To rapidly translate the findings from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) project we have developed and used a functional genomics platform that combines Next Generation Sequencing and bioinformatics tools to sequence over one thousand samples of normal and disease tissues. Using this platform we have created a unique database that comprehensively describes patterns of microRNA and gene expression in the context of complex diseases such as cancer, asthma, COPD/emphysema, avian flu infected chicken lungs and schizophrenia. Using a number of analytical methods including SigTerms, Independent component analysis (ICA) and surface solutions we have delineated genetic signatures that can be used as diagnostic and prognostic markers for these diseases. We have developed and used a novel gold nanoparticle mediated microRNA delivery method to screen a panel of putative tumor suppressor miRNAs from our database. From this work we have 1) established one of the first comprehensive platforms to rationally define genetic signatures that accurately stratify and predict responsive and non-responsive host genomes to externally administered miRNAs; and 2) identified a number of strong tumor suppressors for ovarian, colorectal, kidney cancer as well as multiple myeloma and neuroblastoma. Clinical medicine is now undergoing a fundamental shift in its therapeutic paradigm, as disease management evolves from empiric one size fits all" treatments to personalized strategies where targeted therapies can be tailored to the molecular make up of each individuals disease. Our long-term goal is to develop a functional genomics platform capable of rapidly customizing therapeutic strategies to suit individual genomes. Ultimately, we hope to define a paradigm in which miRNAs could be therapeutically applied in the context of personalized medicine.

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