Seminar Schedule

WEDNESDAY, 4:00 P.M. – HSC 102**
*(Unless otherwise stated)
01/28 Dr. Michael Klymkowsky
University of Colorado, Boulder
From Snails to Cilia: Induction in Self-Organizing Systems Dr. Sater
02/04 Dr. Gil Rosenthal
Texas A&M University
Mate Choice and Its Consequences: Genomic and Behavioral Insights from Natural Hybrid Zones Dr. Azevedo

*4:15 pm
*SR2 130

Dr. Robert Schwartz
University of Houston
(Please note seminar date, time, and location)
Progress in generating human cardiac progenitors for heart repair Drs. Bond and Dauwalder
02/18 Dr. Weinian Shou
Indiana Univ School of Medicine
The Making of Functional Ventricular Myocardium Dr. Schwartz
02/23 Dr. Pavel Masek
University of Nevada, Reno
Genetic Dissection of Innate and Plastic Regulation of Taste in Drosophila Dr. Dauwalder
02/26 Dr. Robyn J. Crook
UT Medical School at Houston
Shared Patterns of Nociceptive Sensitization in Cephalopods and Mammals Reveal Evolution and Function of Pain States Dr. Roman
03/02 Dr. Chun-Yue Geoffrey Lau
Harvard University
Genetic Dissection of Inhibitory Circuit Function and Plasticity Dr. Ziburkus
03/04 Dr. Joel R. Neilson
Baylor College of Medicine
Post-Transcriptional Regulatory Programs in the Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition Dr. Gunaratne
03/11 Dr. Brett H. Graham
Baylor College of Medicine
Animal Models of Mitochondrial Dysfunction: Mechanistic Insights and Translational Implications Dr. Dauwalder
03/12 Dr. Seung-Hee Yoo
UT Medical School at Houston
Circadian Rhythms: from Genets to Behavior Dr. Dauwalder
03/25 Dr. Marta L. Wayne
University of Florida
Host-Drive Evolution of a Viral Genome Dr. Kelleher
04/01 Dr. James A. Birchler
University of Missouri
The Paradox of Aneuploidy and Sex Chromosomes: Genomic Balance and Dosage Compensation in Drosophila Dr. Meisel
04/08 Dr. Evanthia Galanis
Mayo Clinic
Engineered Measles Virus Strains: A Novel Approach in Cancer Treatment Dr. S. Zhang
04/15 Dr. Xuetong Shen
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Chromatin Remodeling and Nuclear Actin Dr. Khurana
04/22 Dr. Christine V. Hawkes
University of Texas at Austin
Microbial Responses to Environmental Change Dr. Crawford
04/29 Dr. Christopher J. Logothetis
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Transitioning from a Prognostic to a Predictive Model of Therapy Allocation Dr. Frigo