Seminar Schedule

WEDNESDAY, 4:00 P.M. – HSC 102**
*(Unless otherwise stated)
02/10 Dr. Cathy Rankin
University of British
High-Throughput Behavioural Phenotyping Reveals New Interpretations of Learning in C. elegans Dr. Roman
02/17 Dr. Mehmet Sen
University of Houston
Structures of the αI-domain containing leukocyte integrins reveal a shape-shifting pathway for relay of allostery Dr. Briggs


Dr. Cheng Zhu
Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University
Molecular biomechanics and mechanobiology Dr. Sen
03/02 Dr. Kim McCall
Boston University
Coordination of cell death and corpse clearance in Drosophila Dr. Kelleher
03/09 Dr. Hui-Wen Lo
Wake Forest University
School of Medicine
Gain-of-function Transcription Factor tGLI1 in Tumor Progression Dr. Weihua
03/23 Dr. Frank McKeon
University of Houston
Autologous Stem Cells for Redoing the Chronically Diseased Lung: Is It Really This Easy?

Joint seminar with Department of Pharmacological & Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Sater
03/30 Dr. Takanari Inoue
Johns Hopkins University
Total synthesis of cell functions: deconstructing and constructing chemotaxis and phagocytosis Dr. Frigo
04/06 Dr. Michael Washburn
The University of Kansas
Medical Center
TBA Dr. Bark
04/13 Dr. George Eisenhoffer
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Visualizing Cell Turnover During Epithelial Tissue Homeostasis and Regeneration Using Developing Zebrafish Dr. Dauwalder
04/20 Dr. Serap Aksoy
Yale University
Trypanosome Transmission in Tsetse flies: New Paradigms for Host-Microbiota-Parasite Interactions Dr. Meisel
04/27 Dr. Allen Moore
University of Georgia
TBA Dr. Ostrowski