Seminar Schedule

WEDNESDAY, 4:00 P.M. – HSC 102**
(Unless otherwise stated)
01/22 Dr. Ernest Wright
University of California, LA
Sodium-Glucose-Symporters: Marvelous Molecular Machines Dr. Weihua
01/29 Dr. Monica Justice
Baylor College of Medicine
A Genetic Suppressor Screen in the Mouse Reveals that Lipid Homeostasis is a New Therapeutic Target for Rett Syndrome BSGS
02/05 Dr. Christopher Dulla
Tufts Univ School of Medicine
Cortical Injury and Pathological Circuit Reorganization Dr. Ziburkus
02/19 Dr. Rebecca Young Brim
University of Texas at Austin
Mechanisms and Consequences of Developmental Plasticity in Variable Environments Dr. Kelleher
02/26 Dr. Paul MacDonald
University of Texas at Austin
TBA Dr. Sater
03/05 Dr. Timothy Thompson
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Activation of c-Myb and c-Myb-Regulated DNA Damage Response Gene Program Contributes to Prostate Cancer Progression Dr. Frigo
03/19 Dr. Ginger Carney
Texas A&M University
My fat makes me do it: fat body as a modulator of Drosophila behavior Dr. Dauwalder
03/26 Dr. Mary Ann Ottinger
University of Houston
Comparative Impacts of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals Over the Life Cycle Dr. Dauwalder
04/02 Dr. Martin Pollak
Harvard Medical School
TBA Dr. Dryer
04/09 Dr. Peter Friedl
Radboud University Nijmegen
Preclinical Intravital Microscopy of Cancer Invasion, Metastasis and Therapy Response Dr. Khurana
04/16 Dr. Aaron M. Tarone
Texas A&M University
Adventures in Fly Sex Determination and Life History Trait Evolution Dr. Meisel
04/23 Dr. Michael Kaspari
University of Oklahoma
Thermal Performance in a Warming World: Insights from the Ants of GBarro Colorado Island, Panama Dr. Wang
04/30 Dr. Uri Gophna
Tel Aviv University
Dynamics of the Human Gut Microbiota Following Medical Intervention Dr. Graur