Seminar Schedule

WEDNESDAY, 4:00 P.M. – HSC 102**
*(Unless otherwise stated)
08/24 Dr. Jennifer Lau
Michigan State University
Species Interactions in a Changing World: Evolutionary Consequences of Global Dr. Crawford
08/31 Dr. Gustavo Ayala
University of Texas Health Science Center
Neural Regulation of Cancer Dr. Frigo
09/14 Dr. Judith Bronstein
University of Arizona
Mutualism: What Do We Know, and Where Do We Go From Here? Dr. Ostrowski
09/21 Dr. Julia Saltz
Rice University
TBA Dr. Zufall
09/28 Dr. Rovshan Sadyov
University of Texas Medical Branch
Proteome Dynamics Using Heavy Water Labeling and MS Dr. Bark
10/05 Dr. Rajesh Miranda
Texas A&M Health Science Center
microRNAs: Biomarkers and mediators of fetal alcohol effects Dr. Lin
10/12 Dr. John Abrams
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
p53 and the game of Transposons Dr. Kelleher
10/19 Dr. Arianne Theiss
Baylor University Medical Center
Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Paneth Cell Defects in Intestinal Inflammation Dr. Khurana
10/26 Dr. David Zarkower
University of Minnesota
Maintenance and Reprogramming of Sexual Cell Fate in the Mammalian Gonad Dr. Meisel
11/02 Dr. Oleh Pochynyuk
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Molecular Determinants of Mechanosensitivity in the Distal Renal Tubule (tentative) Dr. Dryer
11/09 Dr. Pavel Sumazin
Texas Children’s Cancer Center and Baylor College of Medicine
Cancer Regulatory Circuits Lab @ TXCH Dr. Gunaratne
11/16 Dr. Ken Dunton
University of Texas at Austin
TBA Dr. Pennings
11/30 Dr. Ezemenari Obasi
University of Houston
TBA Dr. Sater
12/07 Dr. Donald McDonnell
Duke University School of Medicine
TBA Dr. Umetani